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Home Automation Project

July 20th, 2014 by Lukas Bachschwell

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This project is one that I’ve been working on since a long time. It all started out with my Idea to use Siri for homeautomation which I archieved  using the siriproxy on my macbook. After some time I got hold of a raspberry pi and installed the siriproxy on the pi. To control everything I built a board of opto-couplers. But then something went wrong, I’ve lost my jailbreak, and after all, the siriproxy annoyed me. So I’ve searched and found something new. Webiopi is a simple python-based webserver, which is quite easy to customize. I’ve written some simple macros to controll the lights, the door, the coffee maschine and the radio (I’m using mpd to recieve radio streams) and the airplay server (shairport).






I also added more lights to the system and I had to put new cables into the wall. The main lights can be switched using switches on the wall and using my app (intermediate switch circuit). I also had to lay a new cable for the audio connection from the raspberry to my soundsystem and  connect the raspberry to our intercomsystem (to control the door opener).



 The CoffeeMaschineMod


I also build a acrylic, raspberry-controlled capsule dispenser for the coffemaschine. So if I want a coffee I just have to place a cup under the maschine and press the coffebutton in my app. The dispenser then opens the capsule slot, drops in a capsule and closes it. The machine then automatically starts to heat up and fill the cup.


IMG_9444   IMG_9426    IMG_9409




 iPhone App and Pebble Integration


Since the webinterface is not the best to use and it’s a pain to wait everytime for the webbrowser to load when you just want to open your door, I’ve programmed an ios app. This way I could also integrate my pebble smartwatch. I’ve programmed a LBsControl watchapp (bytheway: cloudpebble is a great tool to develop pebble apps on a smartphone) I’ve also added a function to put the phone into airplane-mode using the pebble. This way I can go to sleep, turn off the lights and save battery.


MVI_0285 LBSControl IMG_9400






There are some things planned for the future of this system:


– Integrating our Home Cinema


We have a projector and a motorized screen in our cellars. I’ve installed a UDOO board there running Android and XBMC Media Center. Since the UDOO has a SamX3 (The Arduino Due processor) on board, I’m going to write a Android App to controll the pins via HTTP requests, so that I can control the lights, the screen and the projector as well from my phone.


– Integrating the Raspberry Pi Camera


A nice thing I’m also planning is to stream Video from the raspi’s camera to the iPhone app, so that I can be shure that the lights are switched off and everything is fine when I’m controlling my room over vpn.



– Integrating Siri (again)


Since Apple introduced the HomeKit framework in IOS 8, I’m intrested in Siri control again. I would love to replicate the HomeKitAccessoryProtocol on my raspberry to make the system voice-controlled.



– Redesigning the App


Since I’m often focused on functionality the design of the app was not a really carefully thought out. It was more like: 2 Views: one for things that you need often and one for all the rest. So rethinking this will be unavoidable when I start to add more controls.



Dieser Inhalt ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar

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