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The all new

September 13th, 2015 by Lukas Bachschwell

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I finally redesigned this site!

I’ve been waiting for 2 years now to post this phrase =D The first design has never really been finished, some of wordpresses theme parts have never been written by me and I messed up a whole lot of things. Also the design was far from responsive, and hard to navigate on small screens. Large Texts were centered, and the gradients in the background messed up the anti-alliasing, a generally useless reading experience for the sites content.

So after finishing High-School the redesign became one of my higher priorities. I’ve been looking at different sites for quite a while, gathering Ideas and Inspiration.

Going Responsive

One of the biggest changes is that the theme is now based on Twitter’s bootstrap, making heavy use of bootstrap’s responsive grid system. I also tried to making the design more flat and make my posts and projects easier to read. I got rid of a lot of custom functionality in the theme, that was just not useful for me as the admin, and this time I made sure, that stuff like the search-loop (the part that displays the search results) were properly coded and designed, and that no links lead to nowhere.

Doing all that by hand, and not using a prewritten, maybe customizable wordpress theme was always important for me, since writing “Design” on my front page and using a whole theme, somebody else created seems weird to me.

New category names

The Sites categories have been renamed from “Film, Photography, Design and Electronic” to “Design“, “Camera” and “Engineering“. Every one of the new categories got it’s own color, as represented in my new logo. I also removed the “Projects” page. It became obsolete after I added links to the categories to the homepage.

A new Logo

For the Logo’s redesign I went with a low-poly representation of my old logos shape, because “triangles are my favorite shape” and I like to think of them as representing the different “facets” of my work. I also spend an incredible amount of time playing arround with the colors and shades, to get them to print well. For the final design I created a 3D representation using cinema4D and Meshmixer and applied the right colors in photoshop.


I had a lot of fun redesigning it and I hope you like it, now have a look around and discover the whole page!

Dieser Inhalt ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar

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